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Who are we


Hello, my name is [Name], and I'm calling from Merche Internet Priority


> I'm reaching out to you today because I believe that your business could benefit from our website and e-commerce solutions.

> Internet and ecommerce usage is expected to double over the coming years and so it’s important that companies in our country move quickly to avoid being left behind.

> Our platform is designed to help businesses like yours increase their online presence and reach more customers, with features like custom website design, secure e-commerce functionality, and powerful marketing tools.

> I assume thta you want to improve your online presence and reach more customers?

I'd love to discuss what you need and show you our solutions with you and see if we can help you reach your goals.

> Are you free for 5 minutes now or can I come to see you in person?


How has your day been so far?

okay, so...



can I take down a few notes?

What's you name?

is this the bnest number to catch you on?

can I confirm your address? I have it as: xxxx

and when is the best time to visit you? I'm free on ....

is morning or afternoon best for you?

morning / afternoon... Great, I'll come at 00h00

so, my name is [name], from Marche Internet Priority

I'll come to see you on... [date & time]

okay. I'll see you then, thanks for your time